Pemberley Image Gallery

The Republic of Pemberley was started by Amy Bellinger in July 1996. It began as a 'one-horse bulletin board' for addicts of the 1996 BBC adaptation of Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice'. From its six-month mark in 1997, and continuing for its first four years, Amy ran the site with Myretta Robens and a volunteer committee, building it into a large, active net community with 16 or so interactive Jane Austen discussion boards, and various other supporting sites. Myretta and the committee have managed the site since.

I was a charter member of the community, and served on the committee from Sept 1997 to Dec 2000, providing illustrations to head up the boards, and participating in the committee's decision making. The illustrations were an expression of love for the Pemberley community during that time, and were given freely for as long as the community wanted to use them. After six years, in July 2003, they were replaced in a revision of the site.

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